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Our Online Stores

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This site specializes in providing voice recorders and audio recording solutions. We provide many speciality voice recorders, some of the recorders on this site you won’t find anywhere else! Our focus on this site is to provide solutions and bundled products to our customers. We have done extensive research and product sourcing to provide only the best to our customers.

We provide everything from phone call recorders, transcription kits, to spy voice recorders. If you are looking to record audio and need great products and real solutions RecorderGear.com is a great resource!


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There are dozens of pen recording devices on the market and it can be a daunting task to find a quality pen recording device. Our focus on this site is to provide only the best, we have done all the research and leg work to locate only the best pens on the market. If you want a quality spy pen, video pen or a voice recorder pen, look no further.


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This site is currently under construction and we are in the process of sourcing quality products and building our product line. This will be source of great photos, information, and videos of security product available in the market place.

Our primary focus is to provide quality products that work. We will providing everything from hidden cameras, self defense products, and dummy security cameras.

Stay tuned for more :)


store coming soon…

Once again, this site will focus on quality products. We pin pointed some unfulfilled needs among the audio and video recording watches in the market. Currently we are sampling several watch models from several manufactures in China to find only the best. Also, there is one voice recorder watch we are having custom made to strict standards, in turn this watch will the highest quality audio recording watch on the market!

Coming in January 2012…